TBM Mentorship

Learn from the Pros, Be a Pro!

FlyTBM Mentorship Services

Insurance Required Time in Type Instruction

Insurance underwriters typically require 25-50 hours in your TBM with an instructor/mentor pilot before allowing single-pilot operations. Don't waste these 25-50 hours just burning holes in the sky to satisfy the insurance requirement; instead, a FlyTBM mentor pilot will accompany you on trips you would already be taking and allow us to teach you about operating in various challenging environments. We'll show you tips and tricks to make you a pro!

Pilot Proficiency Evaluations

Refine your skills as a TBM pilot with a proficiency evaluation from a professional TBM instructor. FlyTBM offers pilot proficiency evaluations to provide you with honest feedback on strengths and weaknesses as a pilot. When we discover a deficiency, we compile training materials and a plan to correct the issue quickly, ensuring you are operating your TBM in a manner safe to you, your family, and your aircraft.

Scenario-Based TBM Training

TBMs are one of the most reliable aircraft on the aviation market! The downside to reliability is that we rarely get the chance to practice abnormal procedures when a flight does not go as planned. Over the years operating TBMs, we have accumulated an arsenal of unusual events to help us build some of the best scenario-based training plans to help you become a better pilot.

Safety Pilot

Have you ever taken a trip that you would have felt more comfortable flying had another pilot accompanied who was familiar with the trip? Flying with one of our safety pilots allows you to stretch your abilities and build your confidence with peace of mind knowing you have a pro on board.

Garmin Avionics Training

Over the past few decades, the most significant change to general aviation aircraft has been the evolution of the Garmin flight decks making their way into most new aircraft. The G1000NXi and G3000 flight decks are powerful systems simplifying much of your workload in flight. However, for this technology to be effective, you must know how to use it! There is much to learn with many hidden features, so let one of our experienced instructors show you how to use this incredible technology to its full capabilities.

ForeFlight EFB Training

Electronic Flight Bags (EFBs) have dramatically changed how we plan our flights and allows us to plan quickly and have a wealth of information at our fingertips. ForeFlight is the leader of EFB and by far the most capable and user-friendly. However, there is a lot to learn to use the ForeFlight software to its full potential. FlyTBM offers Foreflight EFB training to walk you through using ForeFlight quickly planning and flying your TBM flights.

Flight Plan Reviews

Have you ever wondered, "Am I filing the right route for this flight?" "Am I unaware of the hazards of this flight?" "Should I use another airport?" "Should I be concerned with this weather?" FlyTBM provides a flight plan review service to help you make decisions that will keep you safe. FlyTBM can help to analyze your best options.

International Flight Assistance

International flights can be the trickiest! Each country has its own set of rules that differ from the ICAO standard and its entry and customs rules. Your first flight to a new country can be intimidating because you don't know what to expect. FlyTBM pilots have been to many international destinations and have accumulated a wealth of knowledge of local rules and procedures. Even for countries we have not yet visited, we know where to find the information you will need and help you make an uneventful flight to your next exciting destination!