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FlyTBM Support Services

Aircraft Pre-Purchase Research

FlyTBM begins providing support even before you purchase your TBM by providing purchase assistance to ensure you are buying a well-maintained aircraft at a fair value. We will perform a damage history search, review exceedances, compile a maintenance compliance report, and work with the best TBM service centers to perform a physical inspection of the aircraft. FlyTBM works with the 2008 year models TBMs and newer (S/N: 434). Pre-Purchase research requires a 12-month support subscription pre-payment.

Maintenance Compliance Tracking

FlyTBM provides maintenance compliance tracking to ensure your TBM's FAA-required inspections, FAA airworthiness directives, manufacturer-recommended letter check inspections, services bulletins, special checks, and life-limited components. Tracking happens automatically using cellular data transfer technology that updates our maintenance management system after each flight. You will not need to give your aircraft scheduled maintenance a second thought; we are on top of it!

Maintenance Planning and Oversight

Minimizing downtime is one of the critical attributes of a successful maintenance event. FlyTBM works with TBM service centers across the United States, ensuring cost-effective inspections and repairs with minimal downtime. It starts with developing a work scope months before scheduled maintenance, ensuring the service center has resources dedicated and known parts waiting before the aircraft arrives. FlyTBM keeps a database of all historic maintenance events; we know the trends of what repairs should cost and can negotiate when something looks abnormal.

Aircraft Cost of Ownership Predictions

FlyTBM continuously tracks trends in TBM cost of ownership data. We update our data regularly to provide the most accurate data possible. Before you purchase your TBM, we will research the maintenance records and compile an estimated scheduled inspection cost for the next few years.

Technical Advise

FlyTBM's most valued asset is the years of knowledge accumulated in both piloting and maintaining TBMs. When you have a technical question, we will likely have a quick answer. Even when we don't have an immediate answer, we have the resources to get an answer quickly.

Operations Manuals

Now that you will be flying a high-performance aircraft, you will need FAA authorization letters to use your TBM to its maximum capabilities. Authorization to use a Minimum Equipment List (MEL), Reduced Vertical Separation Minimums (RVSM) for international operation, and Controller Pilot Data Link Communications (CPDLC) are a few examples of the authorizations that you may need. These authorizations require operations manuals to be developed for each operator before a letter of authorization (LOA) may be issued. FlyTBM has developed template manuals for TBM operations, and we'll tailor the manual to your operation included with your support subscription.

FAA Responsible Person

When applying for operational authorizations with the FAA, a person must be named the "FAA responsible person." FlyTBM has relationships with FAA flight standards district offices (FSDOs) across the United States. We can act as the responsible person on your behalf to obtain the authorizations you need for your operation.

Aircraft Insurance Assistance

The insurance market has changed a lot in the past few years. When the insurance company knows you are working with FlyTBM, they know you'll be less risk than the typical owner-pilot. Let us help present you in the best light to the insurance company to get the most effective rates.